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Flood Insurance Factoids

Flooding can occur anywhere.

It’s Spring time again and that means that the potential for flooding follows the April showers and May flowers. First, what is defined as a flood? A flood includes: an overflow of inland or tidal waters, an unusual or rapid accumulation of runoff and/or surface water, mudslides, and the collapse of land due to erosion from floodwater. All that’s needed is a foot of water to destroy 60% of the contents of a home.

With that in mind, who needs flood insurance? The answer is everyone. Every location has a chance to flood; some just more than others. Actually, 25% of all flood insurance claims come from low- risk areas.

Flood insurance takes 30 days after application in order to take affect. The only exceptions to this are for loan closings. So, please call and ask for more information regarding the flood program in the community, before the large rainstorms. We’ll even be able to work up a quote for you.

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