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Inland Marine Coverage: Should I Consider Getting It?

You planned your dream vacation for months and finally got to go.  Memories of your trip are swimming in your head as you return home and pull into the driveway.  You unlock the door and something seems off.  You notice multiple drawers are left open and have been riffled through.  You run upstairs to your jewelry chest and your grandmother’s ring is missing.  You think to yourself, “Have I been robbed?”  Words cannot describe the feelings of confusion and violation when you realize someone has been in your house, gone through your things and taken your belongings.  The home is a place you want to feel protected and safe.  Thankfully, you have an insurance policy.  It may not bring the ring back, but it can help you be made whole again.  Make sure your policy has the coverage that you need in the event of the unthinkable.  Homeowners policies have special limits for personal property.  This includes, but is not limited to, jewelry, money, silverware, guns and trading cards.  If you know that you have items of value, call us to discuss your needs.  The best protection for you may be an inland marine policy.  With an inland marine policy, you can individually schedule your property to be sure that you have adequate insurance to cover your valuables in the event of a loss.  Consider an inland marine policy, so if you find yourself in this situation, you know your are protected.  Great coverage equals great piece of mind.

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