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Review Your Farm Personal Property Inventory

Regardless if you farm a small acreage just to keep 4-H animals or you run 2,000 acres of cash crops, you know how quickly the items used on your farm can be bought, sold or traded. Many farms are ever changing and often the farm personal property can change very rapidly from year to year. For example, with grain prices on the rise in recent years farmers are constructing more grain bins for on-farm storage. It is important to make sure not only the new bin is added to your policy, but also everything is added you plan to store in the bin, which may require increasing the amount of grain on your policy. If new storage was constructed on the farm, did you also buy a new combine or tractor before harvest? Rapid changes in farm personal property do not apply only the large farms; hobby farms can add farm items just as quickly. Did you buy your children new show steers or a show horse this year? With the new horse did you also purchase a new saddle? Farm personal property can also include the little items; everything from veterinary supplies kept on hand to space tractor parts. Now is the time to review your farm personal property inventory with our agency to make sure you are adequately covered. Call or stop by our office if you would like to complete a new farm personal inventory.

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