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Our office will be re-opening for business on July 6th by appointment or curbside service. In order to protect ourselves and our customers, masks will be required upon entering our office for the remainder of the pandemic. Should you desire curbside service, please call ahead, or when you arrive, and someone will be able to assist you.

Updating Home May Mean Updating Insurance

Many of us are always working on improvements to our homes. You should consider contacting our agency when you’ve completed a project. These improvements most often add value, and the amount of insurance you carry on your home may need to be re-evaluated. For instance, if you have recently undergone a remodeling project, whether major or minor, this may have an impact on the amount of insurance you want to carry on your home. A bathroom or kitchen update, deck addition or finishing a basement all add up. It is important that these updates and upgrades are taken into consideration regarding the total amount of insurance you carry on the dwelling portion or your homeowners insurance (the Coverage A amount). That ensures these will be accounted for in the event of a loss. Your home will remain insured to its proper value and we will have had time to discuss any additional coverage needs you might have as a result. Another upgrade you should contact us for is when you have replaced your roof. This common update affects the rating of your home insurance policy and may make your policy eligible for a discount. These are only a few examples, so take the opportunity to consider any updates you have made to your home and please contact us today to discuss them. We are happy to help you with all of your insurance needs and make any necessary policy updates for you.

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